Crear playstation network

Crear playstation network

Crear playstation network

How to improve ps4 connection

One of the basic functions of the most modern consoles is their connection to the Internet. Yes, it used to be unthinkable, but nowadays they are one of the many interconnected devices in our homes, such as televisions, speakers and even refrigerators or washing machines.
It is, in fact, a practical necessity, because with this connection we not only have access to the multiplayer mode of the available titles, which is the first thing we could think of, but it is the easiest way with which we can have the firmware of the device up to date (something we are already forced to do) as well as the improvements that are introduced in each video game.
Recommended for you:How to recover Whatsapp Messenger account when changing mobile? Step by step guideYes, it is interesting to have a generous connection, because you will have to download a lot of gigabytes and, if your speed falls short, it can be counterproductive; the titles are increasingly demanding and the servers of the most popular ones are often collapsed.

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One of the basic functions of a modern game console is the Internet connection. Thanks to the high speeds offered by ADSL and FTTH connections, multiplayer games are the order of the day, being possible to play both with a friend who lives in the same city as us and with dozens of people around the world at the same time.
The “Custom” configuration allows us, if needed, to also configure the proxy server through which we will connect to the Internet and the IP data, subnet mask, gateway and DNS.
Although we connect without problems to the Internet, it is possible that due to the configuration of the network or router we have some connectivity problems so that either the console returns a NAT 3 status (and, in that case, we will have problems to play online) or simply we can not connect to Sony servers or the connection is unstable.
It is possible that, although we are connected to the router, for one reason or another, we have no Internet connection. It is also possible that the connection is working incorrectly, or even that Sony’s own servers are down and that is the reason why we cannot use the console’s online functions.

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Having problems with WiFi on the PS4 is extremely frustrating, and even more frustrating than having problems because it won’t connect to the wireless network is suffering from constant disconnections, as this could ruin your gaming experience in the middle of an online game, or it could prevent the console from being able to download updates so you can play your new game. So, let’s see what you can do about it.
You know the saying: whenever you consult an IT or technical support the first thing they will tell you is to reboot the device, and in many cases that solves all the problems. So, the first thing you should do is to reboot both the console and your router (and if you have a separate ONT, also), and what is more, better than simply rebooting is to turn off both devices completely and leave them off for a couple of minutes or so, and then turn them back on again.
Once all devices have booted back up, try again to connect your PS4 to the WiFi to see if you have stopped having problems. It is advisable to run the PS4’s connectivity test to check that the connection is correct, so go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Test Network Connection. Here the console will run a connection test and tell you whether or not it is correct, as well as the upload and download speed.

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The first step would be something quite obvious, but the truth is that it can get us out of many doubts about what is the real problem with the connection between our PlayStation and WiFi. It is about getting as close as we can the PS4 or PS5 to the router and check if the connection improves, is more stable and offers greater speed.
Sometimes, slow connection speeds over WiFi can be caused by certain interferences, especially if we use a 2.4 GHz band of our router. If this is your case, one of the solutions is to turn off other video game consoles you have at home, computers or any device that is connected to the same WiFi or that you think may interfere with it, such as a microwave, to give you an example.

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