Crear red local wifi

Crear red local wifi

How to create a network in my home

Nowadays, most of us have in our homes: computer, printer, Smart TV and other devices that can connect to the Internet, and in many occasions we may find the need to share files between our computers or we may want to print on the same printer from different computers that we have at home.
For those who are not familiar with this concept, a local network is defined as the connections created between two or more computers (PCs or peripherals) that are in a small area and that allow the exchange of data and information between them in a simple way.
Generically, the operators offer us the router configured to serve IP addresses dynamically so that each computer that we connect will assign itself an IP address of the same range and that will be served by our router.
In any case, we can configure a fixed IP to our equipment, but for this we will need to know the IP range that our router serves and that normally will be 192.168.1.XX being that of the router the

Create windows 10 wifi network

Surely more than once you have suffered the lack of WiFi and 3G connection on your phone or tablet, while your computer connected by cable or PLC enjoys an enviable speed. Today we bring a tutorial that will solve all our connection problems, allowing us to create a WiFi network from our PC, without downloading junk programs and completely free of charge.
The first thing we will have to do is open the Windows cmd command line, right click and run as administrator to then configure our future WiFi network with the following command.
Once we have configured our WiFi network, we will have to start our access point. To do this, we will reopen the cmd command line, running it as administrator, and insert the following command.
And ready, if we have followed the steps correctly, we will have access to our own personal WiFi network, which will remain active as long as the computer remains on, being necessary to re-enter the cmd command line as administrator and re-type the command to start the network (it is not necessary to re-configure the network).

Create windows 10 local network

At a business level, it becomes very useful to optimize the transfer of information and data, without the need to resort to external peripherals and the like. Do you need a local network for your company? We will show you what you need to get started.
By having a local network that allows the linking of data within your company, you will perceive an improvement in the use of resources, as it is a tool characterized by its availability, speed and efficiency.
If you would like to receive more advice or information about our data link network, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer you the best speed and after-sales service to support you in monitoring your network.

Create local network windows 10 and windows 7

With the advent of routers, all this is no longer necessary. In fact, this is a device that, by definition, connects multiple computers and can automatically move data from one part to another. Thus to create a local network it is sufficient that all the computers we want to involve are connected to the same device. By means of Ethernet cable or a wifi connection.
For the mixed option, Windows must be configured so that the computer is visible on the network. And activate the sharing of files and folders that you want to show to other devices. This is done through the Control Panel, and then accessing Network and Internet and Network and Sharing Center. Here we will select the item Change advanced sharing settings and then:
Undoubtedly, resorting to HomeGroup is a simpler way to create a local network, but it has several limits. The main one is that all the computers involved must be equipped with Windows. And Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows RT 8.1 versions are excluded.

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